Buying Guide

Pearls as a gift

You need to buy a gift for your loved one but are struggling for inspiration. If you find yourself in this situation, which is more common than you might think, then pearls might just be the perfect answer.


The giving of pearls as a gift dates back centuries and was a tradition first introduced by the Ancient Romans and Egyptians. Pearls were, and still are, strongly associated with warmth, purity and love, making them a romantic choice for loved ones and a sentimental investment that can last a lifetime.

Why pearls can make the perfect gift

Due to the individuality and beauty of every pearl, pearl jewellery can be a very personal gift. Whether you are buying to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, there are so many options to choose from it is hard to go wrong.

Whether you opt for a pearl necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, cufflinks or even a matching set, this is your option to really show your partner that you care by choosing something that symbolises your love for them.

The most traditional and often the safest option as a gift are white rounded pearls, which are known for their simple and elegant beauty. A single strand necklace of white pearls is generally the favoured choice for many pearl buyers. Investing in a pearl necklace like this as a gift is often a great choice when buying jewellery for someone if you are unsure of their ring size.

Many women associate pearl jewellery with a certain level of achievement and this makes them a poignant gift for younger girls to receive for key events such as communion or graduation. By investing in high quality pearls it will be something that they can wear for years to come and wear for future special occasions such as their wedding day.


There is a belief that giving the gift of pearls to a young child born in June will ensure they live a long life.


Due to this in 1912 the American National Association of Jewelers declared that pearls were the official gemstone for the month of June. Therefore if your loved one celebrates their birthday in June, pearls can make a thoughtful and personal gift.

30th wedding anniversaries are also associated with pearls and it is traditional to give a gift of pearls, this could include a pearl necklace or bracelet for women or pearl cufflinks for men.


If you are overwhelmed with choice and what will be appropriate for
your occasion, here are some examples to consider:

Birthday - Single Strand Pearl Necklace

This is the simplest and most common piece of pearl jewellery. This is a classic that will be loved for any birthday. For a choker length, we recommend a length of 16 inches, a standard length is 16 - 18 inches, or you can go longer with 18 inches or more.

Anniversary-Pearl Ring

If you are celebrating your anniversary or renewing your vows, a pearl ring would be a beautiful gift to symbolise your marriage and remember your wedding day.

Christmas-Tahitian Pearls

Give something stylish and a little bit different with stunning black Tahitian pearls. If your loved one already has some classic pearls, choosing Tahitian pearls can offer them a contrasting but equally beautiful piece. The beautiful colours will also match the winter wardrobe tones.

Special Celebration (New Year, Engagement Party) - Simple Stud Pearl Earrings

This creates a simple but beautiful gift that can be worn at many occasions.

Wedding - Matching Pearl Set

Whether you are treating the bride, bridesmaid or mother of the bride a matching set can be the perfect gift as your loved one can wear the set together or separately for future occasions.

Graduation - Pearl Pendant Necklace

This piece of jewellery is a simple but elegant piece that your loved one could wear as a reminder of their achievement and this important milestone in their life.

Christening - Pearl Charm Bracelet

This is the ideal gift as it can be added to over time and cherished for many years.

The giving of pearls doesn’t have to be exclusive to celebrations and occasions. If you are looking for a way to express your love, pearls might be the perfect personal gift to surprise your loved one. Due to the long lasting beauty of pearl jewellery, your gift could be passed down for generations to come.


Pearls are a timeless gift that never go out of fashion and are well worthy of their reputation as the ‘Queen of gems’. This makes them one of the most romantic and elegant gift to give your loved one on almost any occasion.